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What is HALCOSS™


HALCOSS is a halal consultancy standard developed by HalalNexus consisting of an 8-step process that ensures a consistent and thorough method in the delivery of the service. It aims to provide the benchmark in halal consultancy by covering all important aspects of the work.  The objective is to achieve not just the halal certification but also the quality and consistency in service delivery. This is done through understanding of the customer’s requirements and expectations.

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Why do you need HALCOSS™


At the core of halal consultancy is the service provided to the Clients. Unlike a product, customer buying a particular service can get easily short-changed either by low quality work or absence of certain aspects of the service.  In halal consultancy service, that can easily happen.  For example, a consultant does not present themselves during audit or they produce sloppy reports.  HALCOSS eliminates all these risks to the customers by providing such guarantee to customers in terms of service consistency and quality.



All HalalNexus’s customers enjoy the HALCOSS benefits so they can continue to focus on their businesses.  Be it a small enterprise or large global multinationals, HALCOSS ensure that the service delivery remains excellent.  Further, being a full-service halal consultancy firm, our customers can choose from the wide variety of halal-related services that suits their business needs.

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