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As a regional Halal Consultancy Firm, we have collaborated with several Halal Certifying Bodies and Consultants in various countries throughout Asia Pacific. No matter where your business is, there would be Muslim-based entity that you could reach out to for Halal Certification needs. 
At the core of our services at Halal Nexus is integrity and reliability.  God-willing, we strive hard to ensure we understand and deliver what has been entrusted upon us by our clients.  Our performance will be measured by our clients on how reliable we are in getting what we have been engaged for albeit for those circumstances beyond our control.  With this is mind, we provide the following services:-

Halal Feasibility Study
As they say, everything starts with the right intention.  If your objectives are clear, then we will assist in assessing the feasibility of your business going Halal.  We will embark on a journey with you to analyse your business systems so as to take advantage of opportunities presented in the Halal market.  While the process can be challenging and tedious, we will help to simplify matters so that you can focus on running your business.

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New Halal Application

When the decision to go halal has been arrived at, then a new application for Halal Certification shall be made.  Rest assured, we will assist you to make the application as efficient and smooth as possible using our own systematic approach.  Feel free to discuss with us under no obligation.   We believe in delivering the best quality service with utmost attention to details.  Yes, we strive hard to impress!

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Amendments of Halal Certificate

As business evolves, there may be a need to make changes, addition or alteration to the Halal certification, This could take many forms including changes in products, development of new products for a manufacturer, new menu for a restaurant, additional storage facility, etc. We could help to apply for the amendment as your business expands.

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Renewal of Halal Certificate

Either you are one of existing clients or a new client who wants to renew the certificate, we are pleased to render our services.  For our existing clientele, our internal system would have alerted you about the renewal in a timely manner. This will help you to plan your time and resources effectlvely during the renewal period.  For new clients, we will take over the previous works done and ensure smooth transition and continuity.

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HALMQ Implementation

The MUIS Halal Quality Management System or HALMQ (pronounced "Hallmark") is a systematic approach to develop, implement and maintain a comprehensive Halal quality system in a food-related enterprise.  It comprises 10 principles ranging from the establishment of the Halal Team, determining the Halal Assurance Points to implementing corrective actions. We take a hands-on basis with our clients to achieve desired results with HALMQ.

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Internal Audit

An internal audit of your halal processes and implementation can be done to ensure no deviation and lapses have taken place.  Changes in staff and changes due to competition are some of the reasons why businesses fail to have continuity in their operations.  An internal audit helps the owner to prepare the business for any unannounced visit by the licensing body.  Its worth the investment!

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International Halal Assistance

For exporters of products to overseas markets in Asia Pacific, USA, and the EU, there is a need to liaise with the Halal Certification Body in each country.  And for manufacturers who wish to export Halal product into Singapore market, dealing with local authority is a must.  Hence, we provide such intermediary and advisory service to such businesses.  Our liaison and contacts would make it easier for us to do it.

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Ancillary Services

As an end-to-us Halal Certification service provider, we assist you in getting the other miscellaneous services required to complete your offering of Halal certified premises, products or services.  Such ancillary services include ritual cleansing, sourcing of Halal supplier, manpower search for Muslim personnel, etc. We link-up with 3rd party service providers so you get the quality you deserve. 

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