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New Opportunities in the Halal Market

Are you taking advantage of growth of the Halal market in the region?  

One of the identified growth sectors for F&B business is the Halal market.  At a global CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of about 15.52% from 2017-2022 (according to Orbis Research), it is easy to see why many businesses are jumping the bandwagon to capture a slice of the market.  The region is home to more than 250 million Muslim population in 9 different countries. With rising household incomes, the opportunities are abundant for SMEs in the F&B sector.

Has your F&B business aligned

its strategies to seize the Halal

market opportunities?

Finding the right opportunities to grow an F&B business is hard.  But finding the right strategies and tactics to capitalise on them is even harder.  Redefining strategies to capture new market opportunities is paramount in any business.  The same goes for the Halal F&B market.  The Halal F&B market presents a unique opportunities for SMEs who wish to expand in the local market and the Asean region. There couldn't be a better time to prepare your business to be Halal-certified.

Are you worried about the complexities of making your business Halal certified?

Your business needs your valuable time to take it to the next level. You need to get the right people to advise you on the Halal market and the way to go Halal.  All the complexities must be made simple and easy for you and your staff to understand and commit to.  You need external partners who understand your F&B business processes and accommodate new methods after getting the Halal certification. 

Going Halal obviously would not make the business challenges disappear.  However, it may present not only a new revenue stream but also new ideas to solve existing problems like the manpower crunch. Find out how.  Don't wait any further, start today!

Would the problem of manpower shortage in your F&B business

be reduced as a result of going


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